Student Experience

Undertaking a Doctoral Training Programme with WRoCAH is about more than academic research. Working with partner organisations and exchanging academic knowledge are essential parts of the student experience. In practice, these extensions of traditional the PhD track have led our researchers onto a range of competitive and creatively varied post-graduate opportunities.

Research Employability Projects are a 1-3 month placement with one of our partner organisations or an employer that researchers choose to work.  They are designed to widen the academic skillset and to give students a chance to look outside of their specific research area.

Giulio Bajona created a multi-media project for National Radio Day during his REP. 

To celebrate the orality/aurality which underpins radio, I came up with the idea of taking short audio clips from my interviews and embedding them within the text, creating a seamless transition between written and spoken word”.

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Joseph Genchi briefed Routledge on the mutual benefits of open access publishing for his REP. 

Routledge have gained additional insight into the Open debate, and the feelings and readiness of their Scholarly Partners.”

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Knowledge Exchange Projects are programs or events designed by researchers as a way to share subject specific insights and extend academic networks.

Natalia V. Parker delivered a series of webinars on teaching Russian as a second language for her KEP. 

“These events have been extremely useful for the development of my teaching framework, based on cognitive processing, as participants questioned and analysed some very practical aspects of its application in real classrooms.”

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Graduate Interviews