White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities

The White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities (WRoCAH) offers a unique and internationalised doctoral training programme across three of the UK’s top universities. Alongside traditional research, the training is tailored towards an increasingly global context of scholarship and fosters collaborations with partner organisations inside and outside of academia. Over three years, our fully-funded candidates produce an individual professional training plan and join a vibrant doctoral cohort that stretches across the Arts and Humanities departments at the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield, and York. With a concentrated vision towards post-doctoral prospects, during this time we equip our researchers to become leaders in their chosen field while developing a range of transferable skills and industry connections to enter a competitive job market, and support them in sharing specialist knowledge across institutional, professional and cultural boundaries.

Why WRoCAH? We are one of 10 Doctoral Training Partnerships, all of which are supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. As part of this extensive and forward-thinking network, our programme meets the challenges of our current climate by pushing research into areas of innovation and real-world impact. We work closely with leading external organisations including museums, galleries, archives and libraries; arts and heritage organisations; creative industries; design, manufacturing and retail; publishing and performing arts; media; and charities and the public sector. By establishing a mutually beneficial relationship between research and its wider context, we ensure our researchers can make valuable contributions and adapt to changing social, environmental and economic demands.


whiteroselogoThe White Rose Consortium

Since 1997 the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York have built on their individual strengths by collaborating through the White Rose University Consortium to add value from partnership activity in research, enterprise, innovation, learning and teaching.

Working with a range of partners from the private and public sector, both in the UK and overseas, projects to the value of over £210 million have been secured into the Universities.

As the Higher Education sector undergoes numerous changes and challenges, our commitment to creating exciting collaborations remains and we continuously seek new partners on a regional, national and international basis.

Supporting Research  White Rose Universities work together to access funding to implement a variety of initiatives. These include a number of Doctoral Training Centres.

Supporting Knowledge Exchange  Translational research, through a focus on collaboration, has led to the development of a number of significant White Rose led initiatives.

Supporting Teaching and Learning  White Rose initiatives support staff and doctoral researchers across the Universities to enhance their learning and teaching by bringing together expertise and knowledge in offering training, skills enhancement and professional development.

All three Universities are active members of a range of bodies demonstrating strong commitment to the benefits of collaboration at regional, national and international levels:

  • The Russell Group
    A group of leading UK research-intensive Higher Education Institutions;
  • The N8 Network
    Eight northern English research-led Universities committed to developing interaction in Arts and Humanities research;
  • Worldwide Universities Network
    A network of eighteen research-intensive institutions spanning five continents, facilitating research collaborations across and beyond the network.