“A stimulating culture and supportive framework in which students can complete excellent doctoral research; achieve their full potential as intellectuals and as positive contributors to society; and acquire and apply professional skills that enhance their employability in a global culture and market”


WRoCAH Year by yearStructured and integrated training

The WRoCAH training programme follows the three years of your funded studentship.  Each year of the WRoCAH training programme has a different focus.  Students will work with their supervisors and at WRoCAH events to identify suitable ways of addressing their training and development needs under these themes.

The WRoCAH training programme does not replace or duplicate the Personal Development Plans you will be required to put in place by your home institution. Rather it will draw out the information from those plans against the three themes, and provide additional opportunities through WRoCAH funding for meeting common training needs across the whole cohort.

For institution specific paperwork for creating Personal Development Plans, please follow these links:

More than just training courses

Students are encouraged to consider the widest possible range of methods for learning including training courses at their own institutions or opportunities at other White Rose institutions and beyond or overseas.

Opportunities to learn directly from more experienced researchers through coaching and attendance at seminars and conferences are also encouraged.  WRoCAH will provide the support through structured training and funding opportunities.

Learning with a cohort

Student will take part in the required elements of the WRoCAH training programme with all other students in their cohort, who will consist of all the other students who started their doctoral studies at the same time, with WRoCAH scholarships.

Sharing of training plans will identify collective training needs so that more subject-specific training can be offered to the cohort.