• ‘All is Not Loss’: Change, Narrative and the Community Ownership of Historic Buildings

    Congratulations to Nigel Walter, who has become one of the first successful doctoral students to graduate from WRoCAH. Nigel’s thesis sought to develop new philosophical approaches to the conservation of church buildings, and resulted in the production guide being used by the Church of England to support parish churches planning changes to their buildings.

  • Unlocking York Minster: Always unfinished ….

    Unlocking York Minster: Always Unfinished – In the third blog posts of the series about her work with York Minster, Kirsty Surgey reflects on how the ordinary can transformed into treasure.

  • Unlocking York Minster: A magpie method

    Unlocking York Minster: Magpie Method – In the second of her blog posts about this exciting performance-based project, Kirsty Surgey talks about challenges of finding objects for performance inspiration.

  • Unlocking York Minster: A living library

    York Minster: A living library: Kirsty Surgey is completing a project with York Minster as part of her research training with WRoCAH. This is the first of four blog posts about this exciting performance-based project.

  • Quilters’ Guild Exhibition: Contemporary Inspirations

    29th January – 2nd February 2018 10 am – 4 pm daily The Quilters’ Guild, St Anthony’s Hall, Peasholme Green, York. WRoCAH student, Catherine Evans, has been working with the Quilters’ Guild in York as part of a special Researcher Employability Project. This new exhibition offers a rare chance to view some of the contemporary…