• TV PhD: Reflections on my REP in the TV Industry, by Toby Huelin

    As part of WRoCAH funding, all PhD students have the opportunity to complete an industry placement (the “Researcher Employability Project” or “REP”) in an area away from their immediate PhD research. In this blog post, I want to offer a few brief reflections on what my industry placement involved and what the benefits and challenges…

  • Strong, not Wrong. A personal reflection on PhD life so far

    Hope Bachmann reflects on the highs and lows of PhD life, how it is ok to get help, and eating biscuits is positively encouraged.

  • Virtual Reality, Cultural Heritage, Melbourne and Me: My REP at ACMI – the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

    “The REP is definitely one of the most exciting opportunities as part of the WRoCAH funding – something that other PhD students have expressed great envy over! I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to spend a month working in Melbourne, Australia as part of it.”

  • Westward Ho!: My REP at the National Railway Museum

    “I’m glad that I took the time to follow my personal passion for an organisation; the REP was a chance to spend time in one of my favourite cities and organisations.“ Cait Scott reflects on an enjoyable Researcher Employability Project at the National Railway Museum, and gives some insight into how to plan a successful,…

  • From Books to Baseball: My REP at the John Carter Brown Library

    Lilian Tabois reflects on an excellent Researcher Employability Project at the John Carter Brown Library, and offers some valuable tips for everyone planning a REP.