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  • Unlocking York Minster: Always unfinished ….

    Unlocking York Minster: Always Unfinished – In the third blog posts of the series about her work with York Minster, Kirsty Surgey reflects on how the ordinary can transformed into treasure.

  • Unlocking York Minster: A magpie method

    Unlocking York Minster: Magpie Method – In the second of her blog posts about this exciting performance-based project, Kirsty Surgey talks about challenges of finding objects for performance inspiration.

  • Unlocking York Minster: A living library

    York Minster: A living library: Kirsty Surgey is completing a project with York Minster as part of her research training with WRoCAH. This is the first of four blog posts about this exciting performance-based project.

  • Quilters’ Guild Exhibition: Contemporary Inspirations

    29th January – 2nd February 2018 10 am – 4 pm daily The Quilters’ Guild, St Anthony’s Hall, Peasholme Green, York. WRoCAH student, Catherine Evans, has been working with the Quilters’ Guild in York as part of a special Researcher Employability Project. This new exhibition offers a rare chance to view some of the contemporary…