WRoCAH Supporting Student-Led Forums

We are delighted to have made the first awards have been made under the WRoCAH Student-Led Forums scheme.  Awards are for support for one academic year at a time.

WP_20141030_008White Rose Postgraduate Philosophy Forum (WRPPF)

The WRPPF reaches out to a large philosophy postgraduate community across Yorkshire and provides the ideal opportunity for postgraduates to both present their research and hear about others’ research in an environment that is at the same time less formal than an academic conference and more challenging than an intra-departmental meeting.


WRoCAH Lead: Jared Stoughton (Department of Philosophy, York)


artsandsocialchangenetworkThe Arts & Social Change Network

‘Arts and Social Change’ aims to describe a broad field of work in which the arts intersect with social or political intentions. In this context, art is a political act and produced in a conscious effort to facilitate and/or participate in social change. The interdisciplinary nature of this field, with blurred boundaries between arts, geography, sociology and politics, requires an equally collaborative approach to its exploration and understanding. The Network’s goals are to:

  • Introduce and share literature and practice related to arts and social change amongst a group of doctoral researchers and beyond.
  • Create a regular forum for discussion of issues relating to doctoral projects and other practice and research we are undertaking broadly related to arts and social change.
  • To initiate a network of researchers both inside and outside WRoCAH working in similar areas. This will take place in terms of regular meetings, online forum and possible future symposium.

http://www.artsandsocialchangenetwork.com/  |  Twitter: @NetworkASC

WRoCAH Lead: Jade French (School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, Sheffield)


woman_teaching_geometry4th Annual Postgraduate Monasticism Conference

The Annual Postgraduate Monasticism Conference aims to bring together researchers from many different institutions and disciplines to discuss monasticism in its broadest sense. This year the topic is Monastic Sciences and two keynote speakers have already been secured, Prof. Peregrine Horden (RHUL), and Dr. Sophie Page (UCL).

The event allows delegates to network and create links with other researchers from all over Europe, and to be exposed to views of monasticism different from their own. Based on numbers from last year, 30% of the delegates are international. The event is based at the University of Leeds and is publicised throughout the country drawing on delegates from the White Rose network.


WRoCAH Lead: Francesca Dornan (Department of Archaeology, Sheffield)