World against Globe: Reconceptualising World Literatures Today

The purpose of this event is to bring scholars from Leeds, York and Sheffield together for a two-hour seminar in which we will discuss the theme of world literature as based upon Pheng Cheah’s recent monograph, What is a world? (2016); a recent and novel intervention in this field.

The seminar will be based on two articles to be circulated around a week before the event:

  • ‘World Against Globe: Toward a Normative Conception of World Literature’, New Literary History, 45 (2014), 303-329 (
  • ‘What is a World? On world literature as world-making activity’, Daedalus, 3 (2008), 26-38 (



£ 101

Lead Student

Jade Douglas, Leeds

Other student organisers

Dominic O'Key, University of Leeds Ian Ellison, University of Leeds Rebecca Macklin, University of Leeds Joe Rollins, University of York (WRoCAH) Daniel South, University of York (WRoCAH) Maryam Jameela, University of Sheffield (WRoCAH)

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