Women’s Paths Research Group

Women of the Global South and its Diasporas: Rights, Representation, Activism Symposium. Women’s Paths is a research group based at University of Leeds. It was established in 2015 by feminist researchers from a variety of disciplines to bridge the gap between women’s issues in the community and feminist scholarship. Women’s Paths’s impact across White Rose  will be to bring people together for a pertinent symposium addressing women’s rights. We hope to build lasting connections between academics, PhD researchers and activists to inspire action and create change.This year’s focus is to promote intersectional feminism and issues that particularly effect BAME women. Our seminar series have explored transwomen and feminism, violence against women and Caribbean feminisms thus far. Women’s Paths’ symposium aims to explore how feminist scholarship and practice might coalesce to create real change for women of the Global South, including in the diaspora. This symposium is an important platform to hear and discuss urgent issues, challenges, initiatives and achievements which are significant to the lives of women of colour. We bring together scholars researching across a range of disciplines to form a multidisciplinary approach to how we might cooperatively confront a multiplicity of experiences and issues. The scope of this symposium includes, but is not restricted to the following topics:

·       Global Feminist Theories, Politics and Activism
·       Intersections of identities (i.e. religion, disability, gender- particularly trans and non-binary)
·       Discrimination and human rights violations
·       Environmentalism and sustainable development
·       Development and decolonisation
·       Sexuality and reproductive rights (LGBTQIA, sexual health, cultural, social and economic issues)
·       Resistance through creativity (performance, art, literature, spirituality, love, Afrofuturism, black joy)


£ 1800

Lead Student

Ope Adegbulu, University of Leeds

Other student organisers

Marlo De Lara, University of Leeds, Amber-Louise Lascelles, University of Leeds, Arththi Sathananthar, University of Leeds, Maryam Jameela, University of Sheffield, Sam Buchan-Watts, University of York