White Rose Postgraduate Philosophy Forum

The White Rose Postgraduate Philosophy Forum aims to bring together postgraduate students and researchers in philosophy and related disciplines from across the White Rose universities York, Leeds, Sheffield for three conferences a year at each of which one representative from each institution presents a paper on their current research. In addition, we also seek to find keynote speakers, for example distinguished members of the faculty .

The aim of the forum is thus to expose and highlight the full variety and range of work taking place across the three universities, and to give researchers the chance to receive feedback and from their peers, as well as for attendees to consider new ideas that might relate to, or impact, their own work


£ 1180

Lead Student

David Strohmaier (Sheffield)

Other student organisers

  • Jack Warman, University of York
  • Olof Leffler, University of Leeds
  • James Lewis, University of Sheffield

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