White Rose Philosophy Postgraduate Forum (WRPPF)


£ 2010

Lead Student

Jared Stoughton (York)

Other student organisers

The White Rose Philosophy Postgraduate Forum (WRPPF) is a research network between postgraduate students of Philosophy at the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield, York, and Hull. The WRPPF organises tri-annual workshops, held in rotation between the four universities, at which a student from each university presents their research to an audience of peers. The WRPPF reaches out to a large philosophy postgraduate community and our meetings has provided the ideal opportunity for postgraduates to both present their research and hear about others’ research in an environment that is at the same time less formal than an academic conference and more challenging than an intra-departmental meeting. Our Forum meetings have therefore given the postgraduates, at York and beyond, an exciting experience and are invaluable in preparing us for a future career in academia.

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