White Rose International History and International Relations Research Seminar

The White Rose International History and International Relations seminar series will provide a forum for discussion amongst PGRs and ECRs working in the fields of post-1900 international history and empirical international relations through regular work-in-progress research seminars. It will foster an inter-disciplinary network between visiting speakers, the organisers and attendees that goes beyond the White Rose institutions. In the future we hope this network will be beneficial in a number of ways, from helping to publicise events at other institutions, collaborative projects in the future, and sharing information about future opportunities.

The series will provide an opportunity for PGR/ECR speakers to engage with researchers from other universities in an intellectually-stimulating environment and receive constructive feedback. We aim to have not only students from all levels of study attend the seminars but also academic staff from the hosting university. This will prove beneficial in the development of the research being presented, both theoretically through discussion of content and practically, with the involvement of advice from academic staff holding editorial positions with prominent research journals. The cross-disciplinary nature of the seminars will open up researchers to different approaches, and the questions they are asked will hopefully make them reflect critically on their papers as they develop them for publication. In addition, the series of seminars will give the six organisers valuable experience in organising and chairing events, as well as assessing abstracts received in response to our call for papers.

We hope that the seminar series will continue beyond the next academic year if it is successful. We hope to build on the networks formed during the seminar series to follow on with a workshop or conference style event which would incorporate more speakers from a wide range of institutions both nationally and internationally.


£ 2,340

Lead Student

Alex Shaw, School of History, University of Leeds

Other student organisers

Scott Ramsay (Univerity of Leeds), Chukwu Lucian Obinna (University of York), Stephen Rainbird (University of Leeds), Francesca Morphakis (University of Leeds)