White Rose Early Modern Conference: Performance, Social Identity, and Cross-Cultural Influence in Early Modern England

This regional conference aims to bring together postgraduates and staff working in early modern studies across Yorkshire. We will aim towards fostering research links across the White Rose institutions between staff and PGRs by offering a space for researchers to share and develop their work. The themes of the conference can engage in a dialogue across the boundaries of disciplines and facilitate discussions about the points where our work intersects, furthering the possibilities for future collaborations between participants, and opening the resources of the Playhouse Lab in Leeds to staff and students across the three institutions. The conference also aims towards driving interest in further study at White Rose institutions. The conference will allow undergraduates who are interested in early modern studies to network and find out more about current work being done at our institutions, and allow taught postgraduates the opportunity to present.

The conference will enable conversations between prospective and current PGRS, as well as staff, that can garner interest in potential future work within our network. The conference follows from a smaller-scale research event last year organised by Dr. Tom Rutter at the University of Sheffield attended by research staff, and current and prospective postgraduate students working in early modern studies. There emerged a desire for future events and collaborations between the institutions, across the broad range of research undertaken in early modern studies. This conference will further interest in organising such events annually, rotating between the three institutions. Part of this work will allow colleagues across Leeds, York, and Sheffield to share opportunities for funding, future projects, and other events of interest. In fostering these cross-institutional, interdisciplinary links across Yorkshire, the conference aims to publicise and strengthen the networks of early modern studies across the White Rose universities.


£ 728

Lead Student

Samuel Jermy, University of Leeds

Other student organisers

  • Andrea Paquin, University of York
  • Claire Turner, University of Leeds
  • Elena Johnson, University of Sheffield
  • Hannah Slack, University of Sheffield
  • Leonie Price, University of Sheffield