White Rose Aesthetics Forum summer workshop 2019

The White Rose Aesthetics Forum (WRAF) is a long-standing collaboration between local academics to share research on aesthetics and maintain community ties.

Yorkshire has the greatest concentration of high-profile aesthetics scholars in the UK, and is perhaps second in the world only to New York (in a recent Leiter Report on aesthetics and Philosophy of Art, York and Leeds were ranked Group 1 and Group 2 respectively, putting both in the top ten worldwide).

For around nine years, WRAF workshops have rotated around the universities of Hull, Leeds, Sheffield and York. In each of the last three of these years, some of the WRAF events have been PG-organised. This has had the advantage of offering graduates the opportunity to gain professional contacts alongside experience of organising academic events.


£ 807.90

Lead Student

Nadia Mehdi (University of Sheffield)

Other student organisers

  • Jamie Cawthra (University of York)
  • Alice Murphy (University of Leeds)
  • Celia Coll (University of York)
  • Christie Oliver-Hobley (University of Sheffield)