Understanding Value VI

The concept of value has been one of the most discussed concepts in the history of philosophy, and this conference has, for the last five years, aimed to bring together a diverse group of postgraduate philosophers to discuss the wide-ranging issues relating to it. We have had speakers talk about the nature of art, morality, value judgements in science, religion, and justice in war. As well as a very large number of postgraduates, we have always had a top class roster of keynotes; philosophers who have worked on value and the surrounding topics in expert and interesting ways. The last five conferences have been extremely philosophically stimulating and we are looking to continue this success with Understanding Value Six. Our aims and objectives are:
1. To have extremely high quality presentations by postgraduate students and our four high profile keynotes from around the country and the world.

2. To provide a safe, exciting, and philosophically stimulating experience for both experienced conference-goers and first-timers alike.
3. To help postgraduates network and meet new people interested in similar topics.
4. To provide a space for people to try out ideas early on in their career.

This is the largest annual philosophy conference held in a WRoCAH university, and as such the impact created by its continuation and success will be very significant. We will be especially inviting WRoCAH philosophers to attend the conference, and it would obviously be even better if there were some papers presented from WRoCAH students. It will be a space, not just for philosophy postgraduates from around the country and world to network, but also for WRoCAH philosophers to come together. We have already seen this in the kind participation of other WRoCAH departments’ involvement in the project.


£ 2000

Lead Student

Rosa Vince, Sheffield

Other student organisers

James Lewis, University of Sheffield Olof Leffler, University of Leeds George Stamets, University of Leeds William Hornett, University of Sheffield Ahmad Fattah, University of Sheffield Jamie Cawthra, University of York

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