Understanding Value V

Almost every area of philosophy deals with value, and many of these areas fundamentally aim to study value: questions such as ‘Which actions are right and wrong?’, ‘Which things do we have good reasons to believe?’, ‘What is the nature of aesthetic value?’, as well as the countless questions which derive from them, are, at their core, questions about value. Understanding Value aims to provide a space for people working in many different areas to discuss this broad topic. With this in mind, we plan to host talks from areas of philosophy that aim to discuss the nature of value and to address applied questions about value, including, but not limited to, ethics, social and political philosophy, aesthetics, metaphilosophy, social and individual epistemology, and philosophy of science.

Understanding Value V will be the fifth in a series of annual conferences held at the University of Sheffield. Previous conferences have been highly successful, dealing with diverse subjects and stimulating lively discussion about theoretical and applied studies of values. For example, keynote speakers from the past two conferences in the series have spoken on racial and gender oppression, the aesthetic value of photography, values and reasons, white privilege, environmental values, and the nature of aesthetic value. The open sessions have had an even more diverse programme, including papers on justification, economic values, the value of philosophical inquiry, meta-ethics, rationality, group agency, virtue, phenomenology of value, the meaning of life, and so on.

The conference will bring together members of the White Rose through participation of graduate students from Sheffield, Leeds and York, as well as through the contributions of the keynote speakers James Lenman and Ulrike Heuer from Sheffield and Leeds respectively. This will allow for knowledge exchange between White Rose universities and will allow closer connections to be forged between their respective members.


£ 2000

Lead Student

Stephen Bolton, Sheffield

Other student organisers

Isela Gonzalez Vazquez, University of Sheffield Trystan Goetze, University of Sheffield Jamie Cawthra, University of York

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