Understanding Value IV

Understanding Value IV continues a series of graduate conferences at the University of Sheffield exploring the nature and function of value. Due to its common importance, the topic of value is well suited to encouraging discussion and debate between graduates working in a wide array of philosophical sub-disciplines. These conferences create a supportive and engaging environment for graduates to explore the connections between these sub-disciplines, and find new paths for their research. In previous years we have found a majority of delegates and attendants coming from the universities within the White Rose Consortium. This year, we have broadened the event so that our committee involves members from these other universities. Were we to be awarded WroCAH funding, one of our first priorities will be to encourage attendance and subsidise travel and food expenses for White Rose consortium members. All estimations below are based on the previous years’ conferences.


£ 1932

Lead Student

Charlie Crerar, Sheffield

Other student organisers

Neil W. Williams, University of Sheffield Joshua Black, University of Sheffield Ashley Pennington, University of Sheffield Marc Wilcox, University of Leeds

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