Understanding Value, 8

Understanding Value VIII is the 8th annual instalment of the graduate philosophy conference at the University of Sheffield, which explores philosophical themes about the nature and application of value. UV is the largest continuously running graduate philosophy conference held in Sheffield, and the graduate community looks forward to it. The conference aims to provide an opportunity for graduate students and early career researchers at White Rose universities and beyond to present, develop and exchange their research. In the past, the conference has had successful submissions and attendees from White Rose universities and universities across the UK and around the world.

Philosophical questions regarding value have been widely discussed by philosophers, and understanding these questions is of vital importance to the world and society. Since value pertains to most areas of philosophy, the conference has a broad theme and welcomes submissions from all areas of philosophy including, but not limited to aesthetics (including the philosophy of literature, film, fine arts, music and so on), ethics (meta-, normative and applied), political philosophy, philosophy of science, philosophy of religion, epistemology, and metaphilosophy. Topics in the past have included the nature of art, the value and nature of illness, the conception of happiness, value judgments in science, religion, and justice. We welcome submissions from all postgraduate philosophy students, including early-career researchers (up to two years after obtaining their PhD). We highly recommend submissions from underrepresented groups in academia.

In addition to excellent talks from postgraduate speakers, we will have four influential keynote speakers whose research focuses on key topics relating to value. Our keynotes are Jules Holroyd (University of Sheffield), Robert Hopkins (University of New York), Heather Widdows (University of Birmingham), and Julia Driver (Washington University in St Louis).


£ 1650

Lead Student

William Morgan, Department of Philosophy, University of Sheffield

Other student organisers

Will Morgan (University of Sheffield) Kayleigh Doherty (University of Sheffield) Barend de Rooij (University of Sheffield) Lijiaozi Cheng (University of Sheffield) Celia Coll (University of York) Arthur Carlyle (University of Leeds)

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