Thinking critically about society: perspectives from the arts and humanities.

The event will explore a range of approaches, from across a variety of disciplines within the arts and humanities, to thinking critically about contemporary as well as historical societies. The event will focus on the ways that we in the arts and humanities can offer a challenge to a range of societal issues, the methods we can deploy, and the relevance this has to the world around us. In this way students will be able to discuss and develop best practice for critical and radical work in the arts and humanities as well as share perspectives from their own research.

The workshop will be organised as a series of panels running throughout the day, giving students working in related areas an opportunity to present their research before opening the discussion to attendees. The event therefore aims to facilitate experience of presenting research in an inclusive and collegiate workshop format.

It will enable networking among WRoCAH students and others interested in this broad approach to studying the arts and humanities, with an emphasis on cross-disciplinary dialogue. The workshop will therefore provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge as well as share advice, ideas, and perspectives. Finally the event aims to provide an opportunity to reflect on the relevance of current research to wider societal debates and develop a critical academic voice.

Impact will be measured by the extent to which a dialogue is opened between researchers across the White Rose universities. However, more quantitatively, we will contact attendees after the event to ask for feedback on how useful they found the event for their research.


£ 298

Lead Student

James Hickson, York

Other student organisers

Emily Nunn, University of Sheffield

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