The Role and the Self Image of the Satirist in the 21st Century

This will be an opportunity for the PhD students from the WRoCAH White Rose Beyond Charlie Network to present the conclusions of their research on freedom of expression in the press through graphic art to an audience of journalists, graphic artists and historians of French politics.

We hope to trigger a debate between the academics and the audience on subjects such as anti clericalism in the press, humour and offence in satirical art and censorship of journalist artists in both historical and contemporary regimes.

The event will be a day long symposium split up into a 2 hour 35 minute panel in the morning (4×20 minute papers with 1 hour discussion time allowed and a 15 minute break); in the afternoon there will be a round table featuring the guest speakers who will discuss the contents of the panel and speak about their own experiences and plans for future action on censorship and freedom of expression in the press. The round table will last around 2 and a half hours with a closing address from the organisers.


£ 2,346.00

Lead Student

Imen Neffati, University of Sheffield

Other student organisers

  • Stephanie Williams, University of York
  • Allis Moss, University of Leeds

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