The Opportunities & Challenges of Studying 20th Century history of science, technology and medicine

This one-day conference for postgraduates from WRoCAH and beyond considers the opportunities and challenges of researching the 20th-century history of science, technology and medicine. The sources used to research recent history are increasingly varied and extensive. Researchers deal with a combination of materials, including paper, born-digital, audio and audio-visual. Access may be restricted through copyright laws or changes of ownership. Key actors or witnesses to events may still be alive, allowing new methodological approaches yet requiring careful ethical considerations.

The conference is started with a keynote by noted historian of science and STS scholar Jon Agar (University College, London). After lunch, Nucleus’ head archivist, Gordon Reid, will introduce the attendees to the archive as well as offer a mini-tour of the collections, possibly including a show and tell of several items. We will have two panel sessions with three speakers on each, grouped thematically into “using collections” and “using archives”. These have been determined after an open call for papers and selected from the received submissions. The day will end with a short feedback session, followed by a dinner.


£ 560.50

Lead Student

Helen Piel, University of Leeds

Other student organisers

  • Emmeline Ledgerwood, University of Leicester
  • Linda Ross, University of the Highlands and Islands

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