The Bible and Rape Culture

Every day, global news feeds and social media engagements testify to the many complex relationships that exist between religion and sexual violence. They also highlight the significant part religions can play in confronting and perpetuating the myths and misperceptions that lie at the heart of rape cultures, which conceptualise gender violence as an ‘inevitable’ or even profitable outcome of normative social gender roles. Religious texts, traditions, and beliefs can exert powerful influences on people’s understanding of gendered relationships, shaping their responses to rape culture within their own socio-cultural contexts.

This one-day international conference will bring together researchers and activists from a diverse range of backgrounds to investigate the complex and at times contentious relationships that exist between rape culture and religion, considering the various ways religion can both participate in and contest rape culture discourses. Speakers and poster contributions will address issues such as gendered violence in the context of lived faith traditions, representations of rape culture in popular culture, class identities and rape culture, spiritualities and transphobia, and strategies of addressing sexual violence in education.

This event will be organised and attended by UG and PG students from across the White Rose Institutions, with participation from institutions and organisations from across the globe. Running this conference on religion and gendered violence under the branding of The Shiloh Project (an established international and cross-institutional research theme on religion and rape culture) will allow us to maximise existing international and interdisciplinary networks. Alongside international partnerships, The Shiloh Project also has regional members from across the White Rose Universities, meaning the mechanisms and contacts for promoting this conference, and disseminating its outputs, to White Rose students are already in place.


£ 2,425

Lead Student

Emma Nagouse, University of Sheffield

Other student organisers

  • Erin Shannon, The University of York
  • Sofia Rehman, The University of Leeds
  • Mary Going, The University of Sheffield

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