The Arts & Social Change Network

Arts and Social Change’ aims to describe a broad field of work in which the arts intersect with social or political intentions. In this context, art is a political act and produced in a conscious effort to facilitate and/or participate in social change. The interdisciplinary nature of this field, with blurred boundaries between arts, geography, sociology and politics, requires an equally collaborative approach to its exploration and understanding.


  • Introduce and share literature and practice related to arts and social change amongst a group of doctoral researchers and beyond.
  • Create a regular forum for discussion of issues relating to doctoral projects and other practice and research we are undertaking broadly related to arts and social change.
  • To initiate a network of researchers both inside and outside WRoCAH working in similar areas. This will take place in terms of regular meetings, online forum and possible future symposium.


£ 1822

Lead Student

Jade French, Leeds

Other student organisers

Pippa Gardner, The University of Sheffield