Speak, body: Art, the Reproduction of Capital and the Reproduction of Life

“Speak, body” is a three-day conference taking place at Leeds, April 21-3 2017. This conference, which has a central PGR component, aims to explore the juncture of the “body” in recent Art History in relation to feminism(s) and the discourses of capitalism. We want to track the relationship between both the figuring of the body in art practice, and the period of advanced capitalism that emerged in the 1960s-1980s. What feminisms emerged with these practices? What reverberating effects does this have on our present? And how does this shape our understanding of art today? The canonical New York-based artist and writer, Martha Rosler, as well as the lecturer Marina Vishmidt, have agreed to present a keynote presentation in response to these research questions.

A preliminary PGR symposium titled “Capitalism’s Bodies” took place on February 10 2016 and was the catalyst for the conference proposed here. The director of research at FAHACS, Leeds, Professor Griselda Pollock, offers her continued support to our plans, and will lead PGR researchers in an inter-disciplinary open table discussion. We believe that “Speak, Body’s” research questions will have mass appeal. In addition to linking the general research aims of the department, our conference is part of a sustained effort to encourage participation and discussion across PGR communities at Leeds and through the WRoCAH consortium. To this end, I have been in conversation with Melissa Gustin, who was an organiser of the recent Time: Immaterial postgraduate conference at York (where I presented a research paper).

The “Speak, Body” Call for Papers is primarily directed at PGR researchers working across the Humanities division – with a focus on the WRoCAH consortium.

We are interested in publishing papers as a special issue after the event itself, possibly through WRoCAH’s student-led journal. We hope to take the inter-disciplinary spirit of these proceedings forwards.


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Lead Student

Tom Hastings

Other student organisers

Melissa Gustin, University of York

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