Space Networking Meeting One – Symposium

This Student Led Forum will explore methods, approaches and practices to concepts of ‘space’ which will be hugely valuable in developing an enriched understanding of what space means in different contexts. We consider space as both physical and actual (e.g. how site organisation can be understood through analysing different uses of space) but also metaphorical and figurative (e.g. how a poem is constructed on the space of a page). We will discuss and explore how inter-disciplinary and cross-institutional discussions can further our interpretations of how people inhabit, manipulate and use space. The ‘bigger picture’ of this SLF is to explore how we define and conceptualise space, and how we can glean novel approaches to exploring space through the methods used in different disciplines. Therefore, we welcome participation from any research that engages with concepts of ‘space’, either directly through ‘space’ focused research or indirectly through reference to ‘space’ as a smaller component of a wider research question.


£ 717

Lead Student

Jessica Bates, Department of Archaeology, University of York

Other student organisers

Nicholas Groat, University of Sheffield Nicholas Clarke, University of Sheffield