South Asian Studies: Voices through History

This conference aims to build upon the WRoCAH funded PGR event of 2017, ‘Futures Past: South Asia Then and Now’, which provided an exciting opportunity for students of South Asia to converge. This two-day event is focused on aspects of South Asian history such as marginalised historical agents, voices or hidden stories which have thus far been forgotten or under-represented in academic literature and public imagination. A wide timeframe will be implemented, covering pre-colonial, colonial and postcolonial histories, and will include themes such as migration, mobility and diaspora; literature, arts and film; contemporary politics and society in addition to gender, religious, and cultural studies. The conference will provide an environment for PGRs both within the WRoCAH community and beyond to share ideas and consider the practical and theoretical challenges and opportunities of an academic career focused around South Asian study. The event will feature a keynote by Dr. Devyani Gupta, a recent PhD graduate working within the White Rose community, offering useful insight into PhD study of South Asia and the observations from an ECR. The conference will include four panels of three PGR speakers, offering both an opportunity for current PGRs to present their own work, and for members of the wider academic community to engage with these ideas. The first day will conclude with a film screening considering themes within South Asian study. Day two will conclude with a workshop focused around the theme of teaching South Asian history, bringing together a diverse community within academia to consider the challenges of studying South Asia, and how to make the field appealing to new students. The event will take place at the University of Sheffield and has already attracted interest from PGRs from a number of institutions, traversing academic disciplines. The deadline for abstracts has been set for the 31st March, while the panels and chairs will be organised by the 13th April.


£ 2203

Lead Student

Benjamin Holt, University of Leeds

Other student organisers

Apurba Chatterjee, University of Sheffield. Purba Hossain, University of Leeds. Samuel Ellis, University of Leeds.

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