Queer Theory Reading Group

This reading group aims to bring together a diverse range of researchers at York, Sheffield, and Leeds whose work has stakes in queer theory and its numerous and overlapping sister fields. It is crucial to the broad remit of this group that queer theory is here understood at its most capacious, especially regarding its essential links to feminism, disability studies, critical race studies, ecocriticism, activism, and political critique. The group aims to introduce researchers to the most challenging recent work across queer theory, and to stimulate our responses to the field by providing a space where impasses and opportunities in that work can be located, articulated, and explored in an intense and extensive group setting. Our broader objective is to create a network of researchers across the three universities whose thinking regarding this central topic can benefit from and be fortified and complicated by the differing expertises of colleagues with alternative takes on the same issues.


£ £315

Lead Student

Georgia Walton, University of Leeds

Other student organisers

  • Brendan Whitmarsh, University of York
  • Adrienne Mortimer, University of Leeds
  • Cecilia Tricker-Walsh, University of Sheffield

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