Quilting Points Presents: Sara Ahmed

Quilting Points is an ongoing, fortnightly interdisciplinary reading group and seminar series interested in critical and cultural theory which is run collaboratively by a different team of PGRs within the Leeds Humanities Research Institute each year. In 2017-18, discussions focus on the work of Sara Ahmed, a prolific thinker whose work crosses the diverse fields of feminism, race, postcolonialism, diversity, queer studies, ethics and more. Ahmed is the first living thinker to be considered by Quilting Points and our 2017-18 seminars have regularly attracted 25-30 participants each, composed of PGRs from Leeds, York and Sheffield, plus recent alumni, lecturers, staff and the public.

We intend to culminate our seminar series with a special PGR workshop and keynote lecture from Ahmed on 11th May, which draws upon her current research. The workshop will bring together 20 regular Quilting Points attendees to discuss themes from the academic year and to pose questions to Ahmed. The keynote lecture will be given to an audience of 100 participants and is primarily aimed at PGRs from the Universities of Leeds, York, Sheffield and beyond.

These special events, which will allow us to exchange ideas with an important critical thinker, showcase the dynamic research currently taking place at the University of Leeds, as well as the vibrant research culture that WRoCAH fosters between the Universities of Leeds, York and Sheffield. We are proud to have built an active community through our seminars and this final session provides a fitting conclusion to our group discussions. We hope to enable a diverse body of researchers from WRoCAH institutions to come together, share ideas, and forge new social and intellectual connections from which they can generate confidence and ideas for future events. These events not only celebrate Ahmed’s work but also facilitate future interdisciplinary and cross-institutional exchange between PGRs interested in all forms of critical theory.


£ 585

Lead Student

Bethan Hughes, University of Leeds

Other student organisers


Emma Parker, University of Leeds Hayley Toth, University of Leeds Jake Downs, University of Sheffield Kyveli Lignou-Tsamantani, University of York

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