‘Philosophy of Film Without Theory’ Conference

This is an international, interdisciplinary, formal, two-day conference.

We have selected 8 ‘Invited Speakers’ all of whom are already working Without Theory and/or are eagerly embracing the new opportunities such research methods offer. By identifying a deliberately diverse of interdisciplinary academics the aim is to offer up a bespoke but simultaneously wide-ranging set of new intellectual working practices designed to
connect with PGRs and other conference delegates coming from philosophy, film studies, film production, criticism, English, possibly art history and anthropology, and perhaps even further afield. In bringing together this group of leading thinkers, researchers and practitioners, the conference aims to demonstrate the value and fecundity of these
new Without Theory methods for all the Humanities.

The Invited Speakers are:

  • Craig Fox (California University of Pennsylvania – Philosophy) focuses his research on elaborating an approach to
    Wittgenstein’s philosophy that emphasizes its practical usefulness in helping navigate our experiences with talking
    about art, broadly construed. He regularly teaches courses in logic, philosophy of art, and Wittgenstein.
  • Victor Dura-Vila (Leeds – Philosophy) currently works in the philosophy of art but brings his strong philosophy of
    science background (and research in computational chemistry) to bear on understanding of why scientific-theoretic
    paradigms don’t and can’t work in the humanities. He will speak about Antonioni’s powerful tragedy Il Grido.
  • Mikel Burley (Leeds – Philosophy) works in the philosophy of religion, and researches world religions, and death. He
    will speak on Moral & Religious Education in A Man for All Seasons, and Crimes and Misdemeanors.
  • Barry Lee (York- Philosophy) works in logic, and the philosophy of language, but is exploring non-theoretical ways in
    which film can present and explore the nature of respect and friendship in the face of disagreements in principle. His
    talk is called ‘Presence and Disagreement in Film’.
  • Sophie Grace Chappell (Open – Philosophy) is a philosopher and a classicist whose 2014 book ‘Knowing What To Do’
    pioneers non-theoretical ways of doing ethics. She will be speaking on Transgender Cinema.
  • Lucy Bolton (Queen Mary’s, London – Film Studies Dept) is one of the UK’s leading film-studies scholars whose latest
    research into the philosophy of Iris Murdoch reveals the value of anti-theoretical ways of researching and working in
    the Humanities.
  • Andrew Klevan (Oxford – English Dept) is a leading Film Studies Scholar. His next book to be published ‘Aesthetic
    Evaluation and Film’ is eagerly awaited by philosophers of art, film studies researchers and critics alike. In e-mail
    correspondence this month, he said, “I can’t think of a philosophy based film conference more up my street.”
  • Colin Heber Percy is an award-winning professional screenwriter, as well as a priest, and a medieval philosopher with
    a PhD from Kings’ College, London. As an independent scholar he is currently writing a book on the Russian director,

In addition to these Invited Speakers, an Open Call For Papers will be launched (together with the Conference website) in May 2018.


£ 3,452.00

Lead Student

Britt Harrison, University of York

Other student organisers

  • Rachel Johnson, University of Leeds
  • Nadia Medhi, University of Sheffield

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