Philip Larkin: Personality, Poetry, Prose.

Despite an increasing public and scholarly interest in Philip Larkin – related to several recent publications, and Hull (the poet’s adult home) and Coventry (his childhood home) becoming successive UK Cities of Culture – there has not, for many years, been a dedicated conference in which academics working specifically within Larkin studies, or twentieth-century poet more generally, could disseminate their research. This conference will change that, with a two-day focus specifically on Larkin’s work, in the building that houses his extensive archives. As well as providing a platform for researchers to share in the new and diverse range of Larkin studies currently taking place, both within the White Rose and in universities throughout the country, they will also be perfectly situated to conduct their own archival research during their time at the conference.



£ 1660

Lead Student

Kyra Piperides Jacques, University of York

Other student organisers

Rebecca Devine - University of Hull Felicity Powell - University of Sheffield Wei Zhou - University of Leeds