Past Time: Art, Anachronism, Anachronisticism

This conference will be taking place on the 18th-20th November, as a follow-on from the PGR day ‘Time:Immaterial’.

Building on Nagel and Wood’s Anachronic Renaissance and Nagel’s Medieval Modern: Art Out of Time this conference brings together new research on a range of sculptural and related visual material across periods; addressing ideas of periods, periodization and scholarly constructions in, out, of and against the potentials and dictums of time. The conference will explore sculpture, broadly conceived, from past and present, medieval to post-modern – asking how these were viewed in their contemporary contexts, and, more pressingly, how they continue to spark intellectual engagement, up to and including our scholarly discourse today, both in and out of time.


£ 1050

Lead Student

Carla Suthren, York

Other student organisers

Melissa Gustin, University of York Tom Hastings, University of Leeds

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