• Dreams and Atrocity symposium

    The Dreams and Atrocity symposium is a two-day interdisciplinary event that aims to explore diverse representations and theorisations of dreams through the lens of specific moments of historical atrocity

  • Plates: Philosophically Intriguing Foods

    Food is an easy avenue to get non-philosophers to think about philosophy and community dining is an excellent avenue to encourage conversation.

  • Northern Diversity Forum

    The Northern Diversity Forum is a new initiative by Minorities and Philosophy, the Diversity Reading List, and the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York

  • Time and the Mind

    ‘Time and the Mind’ is an interdisciplinary conference bringing together researchers in philosophy and psychology to explore how their different perspectives can yield new insights into our experience of time.

  • Decriminalisation and Sex Work

    Decriminalisation and Sex Work is an interdisciplinary conference exploring legal approaches to sex work, examining the impact these approaches have on workers.