• Process, Practice, and Environmental Crisis

    The purpose of this symposium and exhibition, which is titled ‘Process, Practice, and Environmental Crisis’, is to confront societal failures in resolving the climate crisis and investigate the synthesis of artistic and political responses to crisis. It will gather creative professionals, activists, and academics working at the intersection of artistic and political practices responding to environmental crisis.

  • Flooding the field: exploring novel interdisciplinary and participatory approaches to flood research

    Flooding poses significant challenges to societies across the world, drastically affecting the lives of those who have suffered from its social, environmental and economic impacts. However, as a phenomenon, flooding does not sit easily in any one discipline; research on the impacts of flooding may gain as much insight from social, political or cultural studies…

  • Understanding Value IX

    Understanding Value 2020 will be the ninth annual instalment of the University of Sheffield’s successful postgraduate conference, dedicated to the philosophical study of issues and topics surrounding the notion of “value”.

  • British Society for the History of Science Postgraduate Conference 2020

    This conference aims to make new connections between PGRs working on the history of science, for example between research taking place within the History and Philosophy of Science at Leeds and Medical Humanities Sheffield. The event aims to bring together scholars across the White Rose who have intersecting interests within these fields, and hope that further collaborations, for example student led forums, will materialise as a result of the conference.

  • Northern Imagination Forum

    Imagination is a topic which pertains to many areas in philosophy, such as philosophy of fiction, philosophy of science, epistemology and cognitive science. Questions include (but are not limited to): how can we learn through fiction and scientific thought experiments; what is the relationship between memory and imagination; how can we solve puzzles in philosophy of fiction; is empathy underwritten by imagination?