Northern Imagination Forum

Imagination is a topic which pertains to many areas in philosophy, such as philosophy of fiction, philosophy of science, epistemology and cognitive science. Questions include (but are not limited to): how can we learn through fiction and scientific thought experiments; what is the relationship between memory and imagination; how can we solve puzzles in philosophy of fiction; is empathy underwritten by imagination?

At each of the WRoCAH philosophy departments there are researchers, both postgraduates and staff, who are engaged in world-leading research on these topics, and we aim for this forum to be a place where they can be discussed with other researchers in regional departments. Following two very successful conferences on imagination (Imagination Workshop, University of Sheffield, May 2018 and Learning from Imagination, University of Leeds, May 2019), our proposal is to set up the Northern Imagination Forum, which is to meet once or twice a year, for academics of all levels to discuss cutting edge research and work in progress. During the aforementioned conferences, there was a call for a forum to be set up that would meet regularly, to facilitate collaboration between researchers and to provide more opportunities to present research. Given that there are academics at Sheffield, York, and Leeds who work on imagination, many of which are WRoCAH students, this will no-doubt have a positive impact on those in WRoCAH departments by furthering both the research in this field and the building of a tight-knit WRoCAH community of philosophers.


£ 700

Lead Student

Andrea Blomqvist, Department of Philosophy, University of Sheffield

Other student organisers

Alice Murphy, University of Leeds Celia Coll, University of York