Northern Diversity Forum

The Northern Diversity Forum is a new initiative by Minorities and Philosophy, the Diversity Reading List, and the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York. Its main aim is to focus on the philosophical issues surrounding the notions of equality, diversity, and decolonization, as well as issues related to under-representation in the discipline. We aim to invite leading researchers to talk about topics such as feminism, diversity and representation in academia or injustice, and how these affect the profession of philosophy as well as academia in general. While our focus will be on philosophy, we won’t limit ourselves to speakers from philosophy, as the mentioned issues are a problem within the humanities in general. Hence, also speakers or project representatives working in interdisciplinary areas including gender studies, law or public policy will be invited for our workshops. We want to encourage students from all over the UK to come to the WRoCAH Universities to hear talks from leading researchers and get involved with the NDF, MAP, the DRL and other already existing projects. Hence, talks will be followed by roundtable discussions and/or practical workshops. The NDF will be run as a regular series, hosting 3 events per year, and will be the first UK cross-institutional forum focusing on those issues.

Our planning to not only invite researchers to speak about their theoretical work on the mentioned issues, but also representatives of ongoing projects within philosophy and related disciplines (like gender-studies, history or law) will add interdisciplinary and cross-institutional value to the workshops. This will display and bring together the great applied and practical work done in our overwhelmingly theoretical disciplines, as well as motivate students to get involved in important projects that aim to actively change and address problems in academia.


£ 3595

Lead Student

Andrea Blomqvist, Department of Philosophy, University of Sheffield

Other student organisers

Anna Klieber (University of Sheffield) William Killborn (University of York) Carl Fox (University of Leeds)