New Directions for Expressivism

How should we understand the claim that torturing innocent people is morally wrong? According to expressivists, this is not a statement of fact but an expression of one’s disapproval of torturing innocent people. In recent years there has been an upsurge of interest in expressivist theories of moral discourse, with a range of new and sophisticated models being proposed.

The purpose of our event is to advance the debate by locating common ideas, puzzles and strategies relating to expressivism, and to further these fresh avenues of research. The conference will bring together leading experts in expressivism, along with postgraduate researchers, to foster innovative dialogue. Our event will provide a space to air the prospects and problems for these new approaches.


£ 4440

Lead Student

Graham Bex-Priestley, Sheffield

Other student organisers

Stephen Ingram, University of Shefffield Marc Wilcox, University of Leeds