Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) Workshop

Professional philosophy systematically and seriously under-represents women, people of colour, and other marginalised groups. This is tied up in implicit biases against these groups’ abilities to do philosophy, and they often face stereotype threat in the workplace. Many philosophers are still unaware of these issues, and hence do not take steps to combat this. Further, the debates within philosophy concerning these issues often remain on the theoretical level.

With this one-day-workshop, participants will be encouraged and able to discuss what practical steps we can take, what projects are already being tried, and what the prospects are for actually changing the working culture in departments. The focus will be on what people have actually done, or are planning to do, and this focus will facilitate learning from each other’s experiences which will benefit the community as a whole.

One session will be a lecture on implicit biases and stereotype threat, introducing people to the basic concepts and problems. Another session will be led by the Diversity Reading List (DRL) who are currently working to reduce implicit bias in philosophy. The DRL is a comprehensive online resource for teaching Philosophy that aims to combat under-representation of particular groups and encourage an increase in the demographic diversity of the subject.

This broader project involves collecting high quality texts in philosophy, written by authors from under-represented groups, and promotes the use of their work in teaching. DRL will teach workshop participants how to use this resource, and to add texts to the website themselves, with the purpose that this practice will be spread further and make DRL much more widely used. Finally, a panel discussion on the nature of the standard philosophical curriculum will engage participants in a lively debate about how the content of philosophy courses contributes to these problems.


£ 630

Lead Student

Andrea Blomqvist, University of Sheffield

Other student organisers

  • William Hornett (University of Sheffield)
  • Nadia Mehdi (University of Sheffield)
  • Alison Toop (University of Leeds)
  • Celia Coll (University of York)