Migration and Transcultural Memory in the 21st Century

This event is a one-day postgraduate conference that is intended to tie in with an existing event in Leeds’ LCS: the visit of Memory Studies scholar, Astrid Erll, who is giving a keynote speech the evening before the conference. Erll is widely known as Professor of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures at Goethe-University in Frankfurt, and has worked widely on memories of the First World War, the Spanish Civil War, British colonialism in India and the Vietnam War. She is part of the editorial board of the journal Memory Studies, and is currently involved in a project entitled: ‘Migration and Transcultural Memory: Literature, Film and the Social Life of Media’.

This event is designed to capitalise on Erll’s visit to Leeds, and to provide postgraduate students with a chance to present papers on themes related to Erll’s recent project. The conference will take place the day after Erll’s keynote speech; some of the attendees of this presentation will remain in Leeds for the conference the following day. Our conference will form part of a cluster of events taking place at the University of Leeds on the 2nd and 3rd May: namely, a workshop on W.G. Sebald, and Erll’s keynote on the 2nd May, followed by the ‘Migration and Transcultural Memory in the 21st Century’ conference on the 3rd May.

It will provide an opportunity for WRoCAH Students and other PGRs to broaden their networks and receive feedback on their research from both a UK and international audience. Furthermore, we intend this event to bring together students from the White Rose universities who are all working in memory studies. This is with a view to collaboration on future events in this area.


£ 1377

Lead Student

Jade Douglas, Leeds

Other student organisers

Hanna Abakunova, University of Sheffield Harriet Beadnell, University of York Jessica Ortner, University of Copenhagen

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