Mastering Ensemble Singing: The Science and the Art

The event is planned as a combination of public engagement, performance and scientific discovery. The event will take place on April, 16th 2016 in the Sir Jack Lyons concert at York University.

The format will be as follows:
– A short introductory talk will introduce some of the principles and equipment needed to measure vocal and movement synchronisation in live performance.
– A short set of quiz questions will establish the audience’s general knowledge of some of these aspects.
– A vocal quartet will be introduced and asked to sing short extracts, whilst these techniques (laryngograph and Microsoft Kinect video recording) are used to monitor them.
– An expert coach then conducts a masterclass session in which he/she will work with the group on various aspects of their performance.
– The ensemble repeats the short extracts and performers are again monitored.
– The audience are asked to indicate their perceptions of the changes in the group’s performance following the masterclass.
– All the above will be repeated with a second vocal quartet

1. Public engagement: to engage and educate an audience in synchronisation of performance, different styles of singing, and scientific methods to analyse singing performances
2. Musical Performance: to facilitate vocal masterclass sessions through the exploration of new techniques to support their group development, and through feedback and coaching from leading professionals.
3. Scientific discovery: i) to explore aspects of synchronisation of singers’ participation in a group masterclass; ii) to assess the impact of the masterclass input, process and setting on group synchrony, as assessed by gestural coordination, vocal synchronisation, participant goals and perceptions, audience perceptions; and iii) to generate meaningful data and/or test methodological protocols for later analysis and development as part of the WRoCAH network ‘Expressive Ensemble Performance’.


£ 1281

Lead Student

Sara D'Amario, York

Other student organisers

WRoCAH White Rose Network: Expressive nonverbal communication in ensemble performance Ryan Kirkbride, Leeds Nicola Pennill, Sheffield

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