Just Theorising

Many of us working in applied philosophy deal with areas that are politically sensitive and socially important, what we need is the skills to theorise in those areas, in a way that is in line with our commitments to responsible research, and fair treatment of those we theorise about. This workshop aims to fill the gap in resources, by providing a space for researchers to read, discuss and consider how best to improve our practices, drawing on the limited existing literature on how to write across social difference.

Specific problems we hope to address include the problem of speaking for others, how best to approach including others within our research, whether retreating from theorising about the injustices effecting others is a defensible position, how can best to amplify the voices of those speaking for themselves and more.


£ 765

Lead Student

Nadia Mehdi, University of Sheffield

Other student organisers

  • Rosa Vince, University of Sheffield
  • Charlie Crerar, University of Sheffield
  • Sarah Murphy-Young, University of Leeds
  • Celia Coll, University of York

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