Intersections & Academia

This event aims to allow a space for understanding and re-conceptualising recent political shifts which have seen moves to the right wing across Europe and America. We are aiming to allow a platform for PGR and early career researchers who belong to the identity categories they are presenting on. This is an effort to contribute to a larger discussion about the kinds of intellectual and emotional labour that are valued in academia – we wish to foreground a move away from objectivity, and instead move towards acknowledging lived experiences as radical and critical sources of learning.

We intend for the conference to benefit doctoral candidates and early career researchers (both within and outside of the WRoCAH network) who are engaged in developing praxis related to intersectional concerns and commitments by providing a space in which they can voice their observations, feelings and concerns regarding their place in both society in general and academia in particular. With this in mind, we will seek to provide a welcoming and inclusive forum to facilitate fruitful discussion.

The Intersections and Academia conference will take the form of a one-day series of panels, each consisting of three papers, with a roundtable discussion to act as plenary for the day.

Research and impact objectives:

  1. To facilitate a space for the discussion of multiple intersections across the Universities of Sheffield, Leeds, and York particularly given that whilst conferences often address these areas (race, disability, gender and sexuality, trauma) separately, they rarely do so by paying attention to those who exist in the overlaps and spaces between intersections.
  2. We would like to enable a network of scholars to come together and consider their work within the context of wider societal movements and cultural concerns.
  3. We are committed to the pursuit of new methods of conducting academic practice which better align with the needs of all members of academic milieu , rather than the ‘traditional academic’.


£ 870

Lead Student

Maryam Jameela, University of Sheffield

Other student organisers

  • Alex Marsh, University of Sheffield
  • Alex Mason, University of Sheffield
  • Amber Lascelles, University of Leeds

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