Imagination Workshop

The idea of the workshop is to bring together postgraduates across the White Rose network working on issues to do with the nature of imagination and learning via the imagination. Although the main focus of the event will be on philosophical approaches, we aim to make it an interdisciplinary event by also highlighting the role of imagination in other research areas, such as art, history, psychology and literature. The day will be comprised of 4 sessions. Each session will be a reading group format, based around a particular paper on the imagination which will be distributed to participants in advance. These will span approaches from philosophy of mind, interconnections between philosophy of science and philosophy of art, and finally, psychology/cognitive science. During each session, we will also allocate some time for participants to give brief presentations in the form of comments or responses to the selected literature. The workshop will be the beginning of an ongoing connection we wish to develop between our institutions on philosophical themes relating to the imagination and mental imagery, and we plan to use this day as a foundation for a postgraduate conference next academic year. This will allow us to try out themes for the conference, as well as establish a network of researchers interested in these topics.

The day will be open to all, including postgraduates, post-docs and staff, but we will prioritise postgraduate students when allocating any presentation slots.


£ 252

Lead Student

Andrea Blomqvist, University of Sheffield

Other student organisers

  • Alice Murphy, University of Leeds
  • Amaia Fraga González, University of Leeds
  • Celia Coll, University of York