Housing and Power in the Modern World

This conference will bring together scholars and practitioners from a range of disciplinary backgrounds to examine the policies, projects, and power relations that have shaped the development of mass affordable housing across the globe since the nineteenth century. We anticipate involvement from PGRs across the Arts and Humanities, academics, and local organisations with connections to housing and community projects. ’Housing’ is often considered a separate entity to ‘home’, with the former constituting little more than a physical structure while the latter is imbued with social meaning.

This event seeks to encourage reflections and debates that marry these approaches, exploring the role of housing as a site of intersection between state intervention, cultural representation and lived experience. We aim to invite an Early Career Researcher to take the role of keynote speaker, in an attempt to foster more inclusivity in academic practice. The speaker will have an academic background but show how their work relates to policy-making. While the event will be open to researchers and practitioners at all stages of their careers, we are particularly keen to involve postgraduate students and Early Career Researchers.

Research and Impact Objectives:

  1. To foster a new network of researchers, both within and beyond the WRoCAH network and the academy, to promote interdisciplinary dialogue between experts in the area of modern public housing.
  2. To consider affordable housing from historical and present-day perspectives to highlight the ongoing relevance of this research topic.
  3. To enable PGRs and ECRs to present their work and engage with others’ to better explore opportunities for future collaboration across disciplines as well as sectors.


£ 1300

Lead Student

Isabelle Carter (University of Sheffield)

Other student organisers

  • Joel Baker, University of Sheffield
  • Callum Reilly, University of York
  • Joanne Harrison, University of York