Historical and Contemporary Knowledgebase in Sociolinguistics (HaCKS)

We have planned three workshops that are based around the theme of indexicality. This is a major topic in sociolinguistic research and has been a focal topic of the SLF on Language Variation and Change. By contrast, researchers in other sub-disciplines, despite exploring language variation extensively, do not always invoke this term. Yet, insights from these other sub-disciplines may be more relevant to the work of scholars of language variation than expected. We will therefore take a step back and ask: is indexicality under-theorised? We aim to learn about the work of scholars who are researching language use in relation to social contexts in fields including, but not limited to, historical sociolinguistics, historical pragmatics, discrimination, pedagogy and language planning. In concluding our events, we will identify what the discussions have thrown up.

The format of these events is intended to be an informal seminar with interactive workshop elements where the theme lends itself. There will be at least two speakers per event whose research is linked around a general theme. These speakers will be recruited through existing connections. Each event will run for 4.5 hours, including a short lunch break, with each speaker likely having around 30 minutes for their talk, to be organised as they see fit, including interactive workshop discussion.


£ 575

Lead Student

Nat Dziura - University of Sheffield

Other student organisers

  • Thomas Rollings, University of Sheffield
  • Joshua Bengough-Smith, University of Sheffield
  • Keith Tse, University of York
  • Salina Cuddy, University of York

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