Habitual Behaviour in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1750

This two-day interdisciplinary conference will take place at the HRI – University of Sheffield on 1-2 June 2017. It aims to draw together graduate scholars as well as early career researchers (PhD students and postdoctoral fellows) working on material culture, digital humanities, medicine, consumption, daily routine, practice and more in the early modern period, and invites them to consider their research under the heading of ‘habit’. In this way, we wish to start a fruitful conversation on the topic of habitual behaviour in early modern times – topic so far neglected and underdeveloped, and yet of unquestionable importance and interest. The two keynote speakers, leading scholars, are Prof Steven Shapin from Harvard University, Boston (MA) and Dr Sasha Handley from Manchester University – talks to be confirmed, but on the theme of food and sleep in early modern England.


£ 2995

Lead Student

Annamaria Valent, York

Other student organisers

WRoCAH White Rose Network: Cultures of Consumption in Early Modern Europe Jose Cree (Sheffield) Giovanni Pozzetti (Leeds).