Flooding the field: exploring novel interdisciplinary and participatory approaches to flood research

Flooding poses significant challenges to societies across the world, drastically affecting the lives of those who have suffered from its social, environmental and economic impacts. However, as a phenomenon, flooding does not sit easily in any one discipline; research on the impacts of flooding may gain as much insight from social, political or cultural studies as it may from a physical geography approach. Similarly the methods we use to plan, prevent or manage possibilities of future flooding cannot be decided by scientific approaches alone. Rather these approaches must come hand in hand with not only research from the arts and humanities but outside of the world of academia too – with the people that are affected by decisions. This prompts consideration of epistemological questions – who holds knowledge, especially when it comes to decision-making – as well as ontological questions – what or whose worldviews are taken into account in different research projects. In this way, flood research must explore both interdisciplinary approaches to problems as well as questions of engagement and participation with communities too.

Flooding the Field is a workshop designed to explore the range of novel approaches that researchers are currently undertaking in flood research. We will invite participants whose research encourages ways of thinking differently about flooding from both a theoretical and methodological perspective.


£ 1079

Lead Student

Seb O'Connor

Other student organisers

  • Colombine Neal (Sheffield)
  • Alexander Jardine (York)