Event Minorities and Philosophy Fourth Annual Lecture

This event is the fourth annual Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) lecture which has come to be a staple event of the calendar for philosophers in the region. Organised by students, MAP aims to improve the representation of marginalised groups within the discipline and also marginalised areas of philosophy. The aim of the annual lecture is therefore to promote both – we invite speakers who are marginalised within philosophy and who discuss topics which receive less attention by philosophers. This has meant lectures in the past mostly by women of colour, on topics such as caste and race, Mary Wollstonecraft, and religious toleration.

These annual lectures have been immensely popular and successful in the past, and this means we feel able to invite a well-known speaker from overseas. This means that we are now know that it will be worthwhile making the event bigger by hosting Briana Toole (CUNY) whose title is ‘Holding Resistance Hostage: When Resistance is Futile’. She will be characterising a generalised way that resistance by socially marginalised groups and people is undermined by the socially powerful, and giving a philosophical analysis of this phenomenon. The lecture will therefore tackle difficult and important issues relating to current social issues – e.g. the Black Lives Matter movement and Colin Kaepernick’s protest – putting them in a philosophical light. This is in line both with MAP’s aim to help foster philosophical reflections on important social issues, thereby diversifying the discipline. This will stimulate lively and important philosophical debate which we hope will have a significant impact on all those who attend.


£ 720

Lead Student

William Hornett (Sheffield)

Other student organisers

  • Andrea Blomqvist, Sheffield
  • Nadia Mehdi, Sheffield
  • Alice Murphy, Leeds
  • Celia Coll, York

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Minorities and Philosophy Fourth Annual Lecture