Eighteenth Century Study Day at Vale and Downland Museum, Wantage

The long eighteenth century is barely covered in schools, but it was a period of great importance in world history. The major events such as the industrial revolution, the French Revolution, and the American Wars of Independence are part of most people’s general knowledge, but fewer people know about developments in print culture, medicine, and travel and exploration which still affect today’s society. The Eighteenth-Century Study Day is designed to introduce gifted and talented sixth-form students from the Oxfordshire area to some of the key themes in eighteenth-century studies.

The event is being offered to students from scientific as well as humanities backgrounds, because eighteenth-century studies is an inherently interdisciplinary field. Topics which will be discussed include themes relevant to the history of science and medicine as well as literature and history. We aim to foster an interdisciplinary atmosphere on the day, which will allow conversations to develop between students preparing for a wide variety of post-school careers. We hope to encourage students to develop both a personal and an academic interest in this neglected yet fascinating historical period.

The day will consist of three panels running in parallel, each comprising two speakers. Each session will be held three times. Students will be divided into three groups and will rotate between the parallel sessions. Each session will consist of two twenty-minute papers given by visiting PhD students, followed by a plenary discussion. This will provide students with an introduction to the topics and allow them to explore different aspects of the long eighteenth century in an interactive way. It will also provide them with a taster of how university courses are taught.


£ 1141

Lead Student

Frances Long - University of York

Other student organisers

Lilian Tabois - University of York