Early Modern Lines Research Network

This interdisciplinary research group will explore the concept of ‘lines’ in any aspect of early modern thought or culture, from metaphor to architectural theory or scientific conceptions of the material world. It will consider how lines were used to organize, make and disrupt knowledge during 1450-1700. We aim to foster dialogue on this engaging topic from a multitude of perspectives. Events will include a symposium at the Brotherton Library with visiting speakers, a curatorial visit to the Minster Library and roundtable sessions investigating the overlaps, intersections and distinctions between material and theoretical lines. By developing this research community we seek to encourage the transmission and exchange of ideas across the WRoCAH consortium and enhance the research and presentation skills of members. The culmination will be an international conference in the following academic year (proposed for Sheffield), giving students the opportunity to present their ideas.


£ 1527

Lead Student

Sarah Cawthorne, York

Other student organisers

Francesca Dornan - University of Sheffield (WRoCAH cohort) Claudia Rogers - University of Leeds (WRoCAH cohort) Claire Canavan - University of York Frances Maguire - University of York