Decriminalisation and Sex Work

Decriminalisation and Sex Work is an interdisciplinary conference exploring legal approaches to sex work, examining the impact these approaches have on workers. Participants (including researchers from many different departments, as well as those in other relevant areas of work and activists) will engage with research and testimony which both ask and answer questions on the material effects of laws and social norms on the people most affected by them. Discussion will include but not be limited to: decriminalisation, legalisation, and the nordic model; marginalisation and stigma; labour and work under capitalism; activism and resistance; and social norms and gender.

The aims of this conference are to:
– As researchers, better understand how the topics we write about interact with life and lives outside the academy.
– Improve our understanding of the laws around sex work and the role these play in our lives.
– Provide a safer space where people can discuss work and ideas, and meet other experts in their areas.
– Explore what norms and laws will improve people’s lives, and how the work we do can bring us closer to achieving these.


£ 910

Lead Student

Rosa Vince, Department of Philosophy, University of Sheffield

Other student organisers

Alana Wilde, University of Sheffield Anna Klieber, University of Sheffield Sally-Anne Beverley, University of Leeds Catherine Yarrow, University of York Alice Murphy, University of Leeds